Recruitment Projects solutions/services give you immediate assistance to manage sharp recruitment spikes, short-term recruiting projects and specialised hiring needs — without the added internal overheads.

Whether you are launching a new product, going into a business peak, Relocating or are looking for a number of specific skilled industry professionals, Recruitment Project Services is capable of managing high volume needs over a fixed term period. (10+ personnel)

APS Talent Solutions RPS’s International teams are ready at short notice for projects specifically on a tight time frame to deliver the best and most suitable personnel direct to your business, covering Office Professionals, Sales, Manufacturing, engineering and more…

Onsite at yours or working remotely at ours (146 International offices) our internal staff are able to partner with your existing team, thus acting on your behalf and to measured KPI’s.

Key benefits to Recruitment Project services:

  • Greatly Reduced time to hire
  • Controlled cost and reduction of Risk— eliminate fixed overhead and avoid redundancy costs
  • Leverage our global network of Resources –146 offices across 6 continents
  • scalable resources – enabling a greater degree of cost control
  • Continuous performance monitoring through pre-determined KPIs
  • Enhanced quality of hire – due to bigger pool of resources
  • bespoke solution – meeting your exact requirements
  • Proactive Sourcing – attracting both passive and Active candidates