Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) offering at APS Talent Solutions provides (or can provide) local, regional, and global outsourcing recruitment services to a wide range of organizations from all corners of the globe.

The embed RPO team works in partnership with your existing HR and group functions to create a talent management/hiring strategy that will help attract Elite people, whilst simultaneously reducing cost and time to hire.

For each RPO, we embed an experienced Client Service Manager within your business that acts as the single point of contact whilst managing every element of the partnership, from talent attraction, pipe-lining and Talent pooling through to screening and selection all whilst working to pre-determined measurable tactics.

The Client Service Manager will be supported from above by the Group Operations Manager and both on-site and offsite by a team of highly skilled professionals. Although the precise makeup of these teams will vary dependent on client specifications.

Key Benefits to APS Talent Solutions Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

  • Time to Hire – greatly reduced through our detailed Talent attraction, mapping and pooling capabilities
  • Measurable tactics —- SLA and KPI driven metrics and outcomes
  • Cost saving – internal and external cost reduction
  • Elite talent — Access both passive and active candidates through our internal and external hiring channels
  • Best in class – through the use of our assessment and psychometric tools
  • Compliance –industry and government legislation (local and international where applicable)
  • Scale and efficiency- shared risk
  • Consistency — Streamlines recruiting functions across multiple business units/regions
  • Brand Awareness — Conformity of your branding
  • Global – Access to 1000 experts from more than 146 offices, spanning over 30 countries