The Client

Ikea Purchasing Service, the supply chain, purchasing and supplier management focused legal entity, belonging to IKEA global. They have three offices in China, Shanghai, Qingdao and Shenzhen.

The Challenge

IKEA group has a very advanced supply chain operation in China (often used in MBA studies across the globe). Consequently they have a very high demand of prospective employees; so much so that the majority of RPO businesses did not want to take on the challenge.

Additionally due to their sustained growth they have continually been recruiting for similar positions for many years, so a very high number of candidates had already been approached or interviewed.

The Solution

Our specialist team invested a considerable amount of time on and offsite at IKEA’s offices throughout China allowing us to fully understand the clients hiring and retention difficulties. Meeting senior-holders as well as Hiring managers gave us the opportunity to explain how we foresee the market, recommend and present detailed searching reports and then implement the right strategy for both parties moving forward.

The result of this is that we have persuaded the line managers to hire high-potential candidates with the correct cultural fit to succeed within IKEA, rather than people with the complete skill set.


  • Dedicated team working on behalf of the client
  • increased retention across all exec hires
  • greater pool of culturally correct talent
  • improved cultural fit aligned to company
  • Reduction in time to fill
  • 28 Senior Executive appointments